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Coins catalog of the United States of the America


US coinAll circulated coins from $1 to 1/2 cent


US map



US Gold coinGold coins



Coins by the face value

US dollar coinOne dollar


US half dollar coinHalf dollar


US Quarter coinQuarter


US 20 cents and Dime coin20 cents and Dime


US 5, 3 and 2 cents coin5, 3 and 2 cents


US 1 and 1/2 cent coinOne and half cent


Commemorative coins

US Silver dollar coinSilver dollar


US Presidential Dollar coinPresidential Dollar


US Native American Dollar coinNative American Dollar


US American Innovation dollar coinAmerican Innovation Dollar


US Half Dollar coinHalf Dollar


US States Quarters coinStates, D.C. and Territories Quarters


US America the Beautiful Quarters coinAmerica the Beautiful Quarters


US Bicentennial coinBicentennial series


US Lewis and Clark's coinLewis and Clark's expedition series


US Lincoln Bicentennial coinLincoln Bicentennial series