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US Quarter 2004 Iowa State coin value


The image of this coin is simply an example of US quarter 2004 Iowa type coinage. Coin values are for reference only and can only serve as an approximate estimate for a piece of stated condition and typical year.
A coin of the same type from a rarer year may cost significantly more, but not always. Each specific case requires separate consideration.
Coin US quarter 2004 Iowa presented on this page is not sold or bought - this is only a catalog.
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Currency - Dollar=100 cents
Face value: Quarter dollar ($1/4=25 cents)
Type - commemorative coin 50 States Quarters Series

Composition - copper-nickel clad copper
Diameter - 24.3 mm
Weight - 5.67 grams
Edge: Reeded

Mint Mark: D (Denver), P (Philadelphia)


US coin State quarter 2004 Iowa
Years of mintage:

Schoolhouse, teacher and students planting a tree

Washington facing left

Krause catalog number - KM#358

Value in condition:
UNC (Uncirculated - without traces of circulation) - ~1 USD.00
XF (Extremely Fine) - 0.25-0.50
Worse than "XF" - 0.25 USD



IOWA #29

Capital: DesMoines.
Adhered to: December 28, 1846.
Population: 2,872,000 inhabitants.
Origin of the name: It is believed that it comes from a word of Indian origin, meaning "The Beautiful Land".
Reverse shows a school with the teacher and students planting a tree, the legend "FOUNDATION IN EDUCATION""Founder of Education" and "GRANT WOOD", name of the painter on whom the design is based.


Above is the date of incorporation of Iowa to La Unión.
The State of Iowa has been involved in the education of its citizens since almost the colonization of the territory, when Iowa became a State in 1846 it already had a large number of rural schools spread throughout its Counties.
It established its first institute of secondary education in 1850, when in the rest of the United States they did not become common until after the beginning of the 20th century, this was followed by public and private universities, giving an example of concern for the academic training of its citizens.
Geographically, it is the only State that has its eastern and western borders delimited by the passage of 2 rivers, the Mississippi and the Missouri.
It has long been considered the country's main agricultural producer, given the ideal conditions that its territory offers for agricultural exploitation.
Grant Wood was an American painter born on February 13, 1891 in the State of Iowa, he was the greatest connoisseur of the rural environment in the entire American Midwest, and this was reflected in his works, the representation of farms, farmers and crops were his main objectives in his paintings.
He spent most of his life teaching classes in schools and art institutes, and his numerous trips to Europe helped him perfect painting techniques, especially impressionism.




Painting by Grant Wood (Arbor Day), on which the coin's design is based.


Grant Wood (1891-1942)


American Gothic (1930)