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Canadian coins catalog and price guide

Coins of Canadian provinces

Newfoundland coinNewfoundland


Canadian provinces coinsOther Canadian provinces



Canadian circulation coins

By the Governors

Victoria coinAll coins before 1952


Find your Canadian coin before 1952 on the list.
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Elizabeth II coinAll coins of Elizabeth II (1952-2022)


Find your Canadian coin of Elizabeth II on the list.


Brief catalog-identifier


1 centCanadian penny - charts with prices by the years



Commemorative coins

Canada 2 dollars commemorative coin2 dollars



Canada 1 dollar commemorative coinOne dollar



Canada 50 cents commemorative coin50 cents



Canada 10 cents commemorative coinCentennial of Confederation



All commemorative QuartersAll commemorative Quarters



Canada 25 cents 1992 coinQuarters - 125th Anniversary of Confederation (1992)


Canada 25 cents 1999 coinQuarters - Months (1999)


Canada 25 cents 2000 coinQuarters - Millennium (2000)


Canada 25 cents Olympics coinQuarters - Olympics


Canada 25 cents commemorative coinQuarters without series


Canada 10 cents commemorative coin10, 5 and 1 cents



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Online resources for Canadian coins

The Royal Canadian Mint

Coins and coin sets on the Canadian Post

Bank of Canada Museum