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Coins of French States












Kingdom of France (till 1793)

French Kingdom before 1560French Kingdom before 1560



Charles IX (1560-1574)Charles IX (1560-1574)



Henry III (1574-1589)Henry III (1574-1589)



Catholic League (1589-1596)Catholic League (1589-1596)



Henry IV (1589-1610)Henry IV (1589-1610)



Louis XIII (1610-1643)Louis XIII (1610-1643)



Louis XIV (1643-1715)Louis XIV (1643-1715)



Louis XV (1715-1774)Louis XV (1715-1774)


Louis XVI (1774-1793)Louis XVI (1774-1793)



Coins of First Republic (1793-1804)

First French Republic (1793-1804)Republic and Consulate of Napoleon



First Empire of Napoleon (1804-1814)

Napoleon (1804-1814)Napoleon I



First Restoration (1814-1815) and Second Kingdom (1815-1848)

Louis XVIII (1815-1824)Louis XVIII (1815-1824)



Charles X (1824-1830)Charles X (1824-1830)



Louis Philippe I (1830-1848)Louis Philippe I (1830-1848)



Second Republic (1848-1852)

Second French Republic (1848-1852)Second French Republic (1848-1852)



Second Empire of Napoleon III (1852-1870)

Napoleon III (1852-1870)Napoleon III (1852-1870)



French Republic since 1870

Third Republic (1870-1940)Third Republic (1870-1940)



WW2 (Vichy and occupation)WW2 (Vichy and occupation)



Fourth Republic (1946-1958)Fourth Republic (1946-1958)



Fifth Republic (since 1958)

Francs coinage (1958-2001)Francs coinage (1958-2001)



Commemorative francs (1958-2001)Commemorative francs



Brief catalog 1870-2001



Euro (since 2002)Euro (since 2002)



Euro (since 2002)Commemorative Euro