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The town of Neufchateau is located in the north-west of France in Lorraine. In Roman times, the city was called Noviomagus (or Noviomagus, Neomagus). In 1094, when the Duke of Lorraine Thierry II (1070-1115) built a castle here, he appears under the name Novum Castrum. In the poem of the 12th century, the city is described as big, rich and well fortified. In 1231 Neufchateau became the first locality in Lorraine to receive city rights. In 1436 and 1476 the city was occupied by the Burgundian troops. After the fall of the Burgundian duchy, Lorraine came under the control of France. Suspicious Richelieu ordered to destroy the city walls. In 1766, the city, along with all of Lorraine, officially became part of France




Theobald II of Lorraine (1283-1303)

coin Neufchateau denier 1283-1303
denier ND
Coin value - $80-100


Theobald II (about 1260-1312), son of the Duke of Lorraine Ferry (Frederick) III and Margaret of Navarre, took possession of Neufchateau, having married Isabelle Ryumini in 1281. After the death of Ferry III (1303), Theobald became Duke of Lorraine.