Melgueil coins catalog with values

County of Melgueil


Anonymous coinage

coin Melgueil denier no date (11-13 century)
denier no date (11-13 century)

Barbarian legends
Value - 25-30 USD






Coins of Melgueil in the catalog are presented divided by historical periods, indicating the main characteristics and differences by type.
Inside the sections, the coins are sorted by denomination - from large to small.
The cost of the coin is approximate and is indicated specifically for the coin shown in the picture. You can use this price to evaluate similar coins (of the same type), but remember that the value is affected by many factors, such as the state of preservation and the date of minting. The cost of coins of the same type can vary greatly depending on the number of surviving copies.
Coins of Melgueil presented on this page are not sold or bought - this is only a catalog.