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Viscounts of Albi

The history of the formation of Viscounts with its center in the city of Albi is lost in the darkness of the Middle Ages. From the 9th century it is subordinate to the county of Toulouse, whose rulers were at the same time Viscounts of Albi. Hence the name Raymond on the coins. Naturally, it is impossible to determine during what count Raymond rule minted these deniers (the same, however, with the coins of Toulouse itself). It is more or less credible to say that these were Raymond VII - Raymond IX (1148-1249), i.e. times of the Crusades against the Cathars. Actually, the Cathars were called the Albigenses precisely because Albi was one of their centers.
Originally a clear legend RAIMVN - ALBIE CI, eventually degenerated into something unreadable. What is to blame - the degradation of the skill of the carvers of the stamp or counterfeiting, again unknown.




Anonymous coinage

coin Albi denier ND (12-13 c.)
denier ND (12-13 c.)
Coin value - $50-80