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County of Champagne



Theobald II (1125-1152)

coin Champagne denier 1125-1152
denier ND
Coin value - $35-45



Theobald IV (king of Navarre Theobald I from 1234) (1201-1253)

coin Champagne denier 1201-1253
denier ND
Coin value - $25-35


A rare case when the years of life coincide with the years of government. Theobald was born after the death of his father, the previous Count Theobald III. Until 1222 the regent was his mother Blanche, the daughter of Navarre King Sancho VI.
In 1226 he participated in the Albigensian Crusade. At the siege of Avignon, the count left the army, and, according to rumors, tried to poison Louis VIII because of his love for the wife of King Blanche of Castile. So it was or not, but after a while the king really died, and Theobald was not invited to the coronation of Louis IX.
However, he did not support the uprising of the feudal lords against the new king, and after some time became such an influential person at the court (with the support of the queen, so perhaps the rumors about their connection were not unreasonable) that in 1229 the uprising directly opposed Theobald. Later, he had to defend himself from the king, who, for obvious reasons, did not feel friendly feelings for the count. The invasion of Champagne was stopped only by giving the king several small counties.
In 1234 Thibault inherited the crown of Navarre after his childless uncle Sancho VII.
In 1239 he participated in the Seventh Crusade.
He died in Pamplona at the age of 52.
Thibault was an outstanding poet, why he was called a troubadour. He has several major works and a lot of songs and poems, both love and religious content.