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Spanish Coins catalog and price guide


Spanish States

Castile and LeonCastile and Leon



Other Spanish StatesOther Spanish States



Kingdom of Spain (1516-1931)


Isabella II (1833-1868)First Kingdom (1556-1868)



Provisional Government (1868-1871) and Amadeo I (1871-1873)Provisional Government (1868-1871) and the Second Kingdom (1871-1931)



Republic of Spain (1931-1939)

Spanish RepublicSpanish Republic



Nationalist Government (1939-1947)

Kingdom of Spain (since 1947)

Francisco Franco (1939-1975)Francisco Franco - regent (1939-1975)



Pesetas (1975-2014)Juan Carlos I (1975-2014)



Commemorative PesetasCommemorative Pesetas



Philip VI (since 2014)Philip VI (since 2014)