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Viscayan Republic (Euzkadi)

The Republic of Biscay or Republic of Euskadi is not an independent state, but a region inhabited predominantly by Basques that proclaimed its autonomy within the Spanish Republic on October 8, 1936. It included the provinces of Navarra, Ipuzkoa, Bilbao and Victoria. The Republicans recognized the autonomy of the Basques because they counted on their active help in the struggle against the Falangists, who did not want to hear about any Basque autonomy.

In the person of the Basques, united not so much by socialist views as by a common national idea, the Frankists found irreconcilable opponents. The Falangists had an army of 50,000 soldiers and 50 tanks, the Basques - 30,000 infantry and 12 tanks. But there were strong concrete fortifications in the vicinity of Bilbao that could level this superiority.
However, the decisive factor was air superiority: the Basques had only 25 airplanes against 150 of the Frankists.

The offensive began on April 1, 1937. At the same time, as a result of a raid by German pilots from the Condor Legion, the infamous destruction of the town of Guernica, immortalized by Picasso in the painting of the same name, took place.
For a month, the enemy advanced only 20 kilometers. But then the Basques, lacking ammunition and food, began to retreat.

June 20, 1937, the Frankists and Italians entered Bilbao, and the Republic of Biscay ceased to exist.

The issuance of the Biscayan Republic's own currency was to eliminate the shortage of money supply. At first checks were used, then full banknotes (in denominations from 1 to 1000 pesetas) and coins of 1 and 2 pesetas were printed. It was also planned to issue a coin of 5 pesetas. The banknotes were printed at the Bilbao printing house, while the coins were printed at the Royal Mint in Brussels. The first batch of coins arrived in the Republic on February 11, 1937.



Peseta=100 centimos

coin Viscaya 2 peseta 1937
2 pesetas 1937

2 PESETAS 1937
Value - 10-15 USD


coin Viscaya 1 peseta 1937
1 peseta 1937

1 PESETA 1937
Value - 4-6 USD




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