Sion (Sitten) coins catalog

Bishopric of Sion (Sitten) (till 1798)

The first written mention of the diocese of Valais is recorded in the second half of the 4th century.
The first known bishop is St. Theodore, whose signature appears in the acts of the councils of Aquileia in 381 and Milan in 390, and who is today the patron saint of the diocese.
Between 565 and 585 the Episcopal cathedra was transferred to Sion.
In 999, Rudolph III of Burgundy granted Bishop Hugo and his successors the title of Counts of Valais, and when Burgundy was annexed to the Holy Roman Empire, the count-bishops became imperial princes.
In 1513 Pope Leo X subjected the diocese to the Holy See.
The diocese resisted attempts at reformation. In 1604 the Sejm of Valais recognized Catholicism as the official religion and expelled all Protestants.
The secular authority of the bishops was abolished in 1798 with the founding of the Helvetic Republic.



Kreuzer=4 pfennig; Pfennig=2 heller

Hildebrand Jost (1613-1638)

coin Sitten 2 kreuzer 1624
1/2 batzen (2 kreuzer) 1624

Value -40-50



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