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The old name of Overijssel was Oversticht. At that time this area included part of the province of Drenthe. In 1336 Oversticht became part of Gelders, and in 1347 it was transferred to the bishopric of Utrecht. In 1528 these lands were given to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who renamed the province Overijssel, after its old Latin name Transilla or Over-Eyssel (on the other side of the river Eyssel) in the local dialect. Overijssel, like other provinces, participated in the struggle against the Spanish (by Charles V's heir Philip II) and the Dutch Revolution.

In 1672 Overijssel was captured by the Bishop of Munster, but was freed two years later.
In 1795 Overijssel became part of the Batavian Republic as a separate department. In 1798 it was merged with Drenthe to form the department of Auden Eyssel, renamed Overijssel in 1801.

After the French occupation of the Batavian Republic in 1810, Overijssel was transformed into the new department of Bouches-de-Issel. After the creation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1814, the province of Overijssel was reconstituted.



Dutch Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (1581-1795) - Overijssel

Ducaton=3 guldens; Gulden=20 stuvers; Stuver=8 duits

coin Overijssel 1 duit 1753
1 duit 1753

Value - 5-10 USD





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