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Netherlands coins catalog and price guide


In 1815, the Congress of Vienna established the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, which included Belgium and Luxembourg in addition to the Dutch provinces themselves.
After the secession of Belgium in 1839, the state was given the name it has retained to this day: the Netherlands (Luxembourg gained independence in 1890).

Since 1581, the monetary unit of the Republic of the United Provinces was the silver florin. In 1816, after the reform of the monetary system of the Netherlands, the guilder, consisting of 100 cents, became the official monetary unit of the kingdom. It was minted with 893 silver and weighed 10,77 g.
In addition to the florin, ½, 2½ and 3 florins were minted in 893 silver. The 5 and 10 florins were minted in 893 silver. The 5 and 10 florins were minted in gold.
The line of change coins was as follows: ½, 1 and 2.5 cents were minted in copper, and 5, 10 and 25 cents were minted in low silver (proof 569).

The monetary system of the Netherlands was originally based on a bimetallic standard with one florin equal to 605.61 milligrams of pure gold or 9.615 grams of pure silver. In 1840 the silver standard was adjusted to 9.45 grams and the gold standard was discontinued in 1848. In 1875, the Netherlands adopted a gold standard with one guilder equal to 604.8 milligrams of pure gold. The gold standard was suspended between 1914 and 1925. This was due to World War I and post-war reconstruction. The gold standard was finally abolished in 1936.

The minting of silver coins in regular circulation in the Netherlands was finally discontinued in 1967. Nickel, cupro-nickel and bronze coins were minted.

On January 1, 2002, the Netherlands adopted the euro.


Coins of Netherlands States








Habsburg Netherlands coinage (1482-1797)

Burgundian Netherlands (1482-1506)Burgundian Netherlands (1482-1506)



Spanish Netherlands (1506-1713)Spanish Netherlands (1506-1713)



Austrian Netherlands (1714-1797)Austrian Netherlands (1714-1797)



Coins of 7 United Provinces (1581-1795)
















West Friesland (Frisia)West Friesland (Frisia)






Coins of Kingdom of Netherlands (since 1815)


Brief catalog 1815-2001


Wilhelmina (1890-1948)William I (1815-1840), William II (1840-1849), William III (1849-1890) and Wilhelmina (1890-1948)



Beatrix (1980-2013)Juliana (1948-1980) and Beatrix before euro (1980-2001)



William-Alexander (since 2013)Euro (since 1999)