Kampen coins catalog with values

Imperial City of Kampen

Kampen is a town in the province of Overijssel.
The status of the city was received in 1236.
In 1397 Kampen received the right to mint coins. In 1440 it joined the Hanseatic League.
In 1534, the Three Cities Coinage was formed with Deventer and Zwolle, two other major cities in the province. In 1694 the city mint was closed.
Like the rest of the province Kampen participated in the Dutch Revolution and the wars with the Spanish, then part of the Batavian Republic and from 1815 of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.



Ducaton=3 guldens; Gulden=20 stuvers; Stuver=8 duits

coin Kampen leondaalder-philipsdaalder 1685
leondaalder-philipsdaalder (50 stuver) 1685

Value - 120-150 USD






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