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Republic of Savona

After the fall of the Roman Empire, from the 5th century onwards the city suffered plundering by the Heruli and the Goths. Only after falling under Byzantine rule after the Gothic wars did Savona return to a brief period of peace and quiet, which, however, ended with the arrival of the Lombard king Rotari in 641. For some time Savona was part of the Ligurian principality of the Lombard kingdom. Under the rule of Charlemagne I the Great, maritime trade began to develop actively in Savona.

After a period of struggle against Saracen pirates, during which a number of watchtowers were built, in 1191 Savona declared itself a free municipality. While in the 11th century Savona was allied with the Genoese Republic, with the proclamation of the free city a sharp enmity with Genoa began.

Savona flourished in the late 13th and mid-14th centuries, but the peak of its economic development was in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, when Sixtus IV (who initiated the creation of the Sistine Chapel in Rome) and then Julius II (patron of Raphael) were on the papal throne, descended from the Savona family Della Rovere, who supported the city with substantial investments. Since then, Savona has also been called the "City of Popes". From the fourteenth century Savona minted its own coinage, which lasted for about 200 years.

The rivalry with Genoa ended tragically for Savona in 1528, it came under the rule of the Genoese Republic at the cost of numerous victims and destruction: were destroyed the most ancient acropolis, residential and religious buildings and most of the towers belonging to noble families, as well as the port, which in the XIV century was one of the five largest trading ports in the Mediterranean.




coin Savona denar no date (1396-1409)
denar no date (1396-1409)

Value - 40-80 USD





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