Russian coins catalog and price guide


Coins of Russia before 1917


Duchy of Moscow (1283–1547)


Russian Tsardom (1547–1721)


Russian Empire before 1881


Alexander III (1881-1894)


Nicholas II (1894-1917)





USSR coins (1917-1991)

Regular coinage

All coinsAll coins



By the face value

1 rouble1 rouble



50 kopeks50 kopeks



20 kopeks20 kopeks



15 kopeks15 kopeks



10 kopeks10 kopeks



5 kopeks5 kopeks



3 kopeks3 kopeks



2 kopeks2 kopeks



1 kopeks1 kopek



Commemorative coins of USSR

USSR 5 roubles5 roubles



USSR 3 roubles3 roubles



USSR 1 rouble1 rouble



USSR 50 Anniversary of the Soviet50 Anniversary of the Soviet



Coins of Russian Federation (since 1991)

Circulation coinage


Commemorative coins

Red Data Book

10 rubles "Ministries"

 WW II commemorative

10 rubles "Regions"

10 rubles "Old Cities"

10 rubles Cities of the War Glory

200th Anniversary of the war 1812

Without series