USSR Soviet 5 kopecks 1935-1936 coin value


The image of this coin is simply an example of Russia 5 kopecks 1935-1936 type coinage. Coin values are for reference only and can only serve as an approximate estimate for a piece of stated condition and typical year.
A coin of the same type from a rarer year may cost significantly more, but not always. Each specific case requires separate consideration.
Coin Russia 5 kopecks 1935-1936 presented on this page is not sold or bought - this is only a catalog.
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coin USSR 5 kopecks 1935


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - USSR (1922-1991)

Monetary system - Ruble = 100 kopecks
Type - regular coinage

Alloy - aluminium-bronze
Diameter - 25.0 mm.
Weight - 5.00 gram

Years of minting
1935, 1936

Wreath of two ears
Legend: 5 КОПЕЕК (KOPEKS) year

State emblem of the USSR with 7 turns of tape
Legend: CCCP (USSR)

Edge: Reeded

Krause catalog number - Y#101

Value of the coin in the condition "F" - 10-15 USD