USSR Soviet 50 kopecks 1961 coin value


The image of this coin is simply an example of Russia 50 kopecks 1961 type coinage. Coin values are for reference only and can only serve as an approximate estimate for a piece of stated condition and typical year.
A coin of the same type from a rarer year may cost significantly more, but not always. Each specific case requires separate consideration.
Coin Russia 50 kopecks 1961 presented on this page is not sold or bought - this is only a catalog.
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coin USSR 50 kopecks 1961


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - USSR (1922-1991)

Monetary system - Ruble = 100 kopecks
Type - regular coinage

Diameter - 24.05 mm.
Weight - 4.6 gram

Years of minting

Denomination in a wreath of ears
Legend: 50 КОПЕЕК (KOPEKS) year

State emblem of the USSR
Legend: CCCP (USSR)

Edge - smooth

Krause catalog number - Y#133а.1

Value of the coin in the condition "UNC" - 3-5 USD