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Coins of Polish Free Cities










Coins of Polish States

Royal PrussiaRoyal Prussia






Coins of Polish Kingdom (1025-1795)

Polish Kingdom (1025-1569)Polish Kingdom (1025-1569)



Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795)Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795)



Partition of Poland (1793-1915)

South Prussia (1793–1807)South Prussia (1793–1807)



Grand Duchy of Warsaw (1807–1815)Grand Duchy of Warsaw (1807–1815)



Tsardom (Congress Poland) (1815-1915)Polish Tsardom (Congress Poland) (1815-1915)



German occupation 1915-1918German occupation 1915-1918



Coins of Republic of Poland

Second Republic (1918-1939)Second Republic (1918-1939)



German occupation 1939-1944German occupation 1939-1944



People's Republic (1947-1989)People's Republic (1947-1989)



People's Republic commemorative coinsPeople's Republic commemorative coins



Third Republic (since 1989)Third Republic (since 1989)



Commemorative coinsModern commemorative coins