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East Hebei Autonomous Government (1935-1938)

When northeastern China came under Japanese control, an armistice was concluded, according to which a demilitarized zone was formed south of Great China, free from the influence of Kuomintang China.

On November 15, 1935, the local Chinese administrator of Hebei Province, Yin Chiu-keng, declared the territories under his control autonomous, and on November 25 declared their independence. The new government immediately signed treaties with Japan. Japan wanted to create a buffer state between Manchukuo and China. China considered this a violation of the truce.

In February 1938, Eastern Hebei was absorbed by the collaborationist Provisional Government of China.



Dollar=10 chiao; Chiao=10 fen; Fen=10 li

coin East Hebei 2 chiao 1937
2 chiao 1937
Value - 100-150 USD



coin East Hebei 1 chiao 1937
1 chiao 1937
Value - 80-100 USD



coin East Hebei 1 fen 1937
1 fen 1937

Value - 80-100 USD



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