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Athens Crusader state coins catalog with values

Duchy of Athens (1205–1458)

During the Fourth Crusade and the partition of the Byzantine Empire, King Boniface of Thessalonica gave Athens, conquered in 1204, to Otton de la Roche.

The rulers of Athens received the ducal title from the French king Louis IX in 1260, the first duke being Otton's nephew Guido.
The Duchy was first a vassal of the Kingdom of Thessalonica, and from 1224 of the Principality of Achaea.
During the rulers of the de La Roche dynasty, the capital was not Athens, but the richer Thebes. In Athens, the Acropolis served as the ducal palace.

On March 15, 1311, the Duchy of Athens was captured by Catalan mercenaries, who recognized the representatives of the Sicilian branch of the Aragonese royal house as dukes.

In 1387 Athens was captured by the ruler of Corinth, Nerio Acciaioli. He and his descendants recognized themselves as vassals of the Ottoman Sultan.

In 1456 the duchy was invaded by the Ottoman army. After a two-year siege, Duke Franco capitulated. Ottoman Pasha granted him the linage of Thebes, but two years later the last Duke of Athens was assassinated by denunciation.




William I de La Roche (1280-1287)

coin Athens denier no date (1280-1287)
denier no date

Value - 30-40 USD



Guy II de La Roche (1287-1308)

coin Athens denier no date (1287-1308)
denier no date

Value - 20-30 USD





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