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England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom Coins catalog and price guide

Circulation coins

By rulers

england coinEngland (before 1707)


Georg I coinGeorge I (1714-1727)


Georg II coinGeorge II (1727-1760)


Georg III coinGeorge III (1760-1820)


Georg IV coinGeorge IV (1820-1830)


William IV coinWilliam IV (1830-1837)


Victoria coinVictoria (1837-1901)


Edward VII coinEdward VII (1901-1910)


Georg V coinGeorge V (1910-1936)


Georg VI coinGeorge VI (1936-1952)


Elizabeth II pre-decimal coinElizabeth II pre-decimal coinage (1952-1967)


Elizabeth II modern coinElizabeth II decimal coinage (1968-2022)


Charles III coinCharles III (since 2022)



By the face value

1 pound1 pound




half crown1/2 crown


50 pence50 pence






20 pence20 pence


10 pence10 pence


6 pence6 pence


5 pence5 pence


3 pence3 pence


2 pence2 pence


penny1 penny


half penny1/2 penny





List of British coins types of denominations



UK map


Commemorative coins

 modern commemorativeCoins without series





Countries with British influence


coloniesColonies, dominions, Crown Dependencies and Overseas territories



CommonwealthCommonwealth of Nations




Old British coins with auctions prices