Japanese coins catalog and price guide


How to read Japanese coins


Dating of Japanese coinsDating of Japanese coins



Tokugawa (Edo) shogunate

Tokugawa (Edo) shogunate1603-1867



Empire of Japan (since 1868)

Japanese yen symbol - ¥
Japanese yen code - JPY


Hirohito coinsMutsuhito (1868-1912), Yoshihito (1912-1926) and Hirohito (1926-1947)



Naruhito coinsHirohito (1948-1989), Akihito (1989-2019) and Naruhito (since 2019)



Commemorative coins


500 yen 47 prefectures coins500 yen 47 prefectures



China-Japanese puppet states


East HopeiEast Hopei



manchukuo coinsManchukuo



Provisional Government of ChinaProvisional Government of China