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Coins identifier by denomination and images


In this section, you can identify a coin on which the legend cannot be read (for example, if it is not written in Latin letters). Compare the image on your coin with pictures from the database of our website. For convenience, coins are divided by denominations and images on the coats of arms (or obverse).


Coins by the face value

coin 1/4 dinar AlgeriaDenomination "1/4"



coin Taiwan 1/2 yuan 1981Denomination "1/2"



coin Austrian Empire 1 heller 1916Denomination "1"



coin chinese 2 jiao 1981Denomination "2"



coin Bulgaria 3 stotinki 1951Denomination "3"



coin Kampuchea 5 sen 1979Denomination "5"



coin Armenia 10 luma 1994Denomination "10"



coin Mongolia 15 mongo 1981Denomination "15"



coin Georgia 20 thetri 1993Denomination "20"



coin Israel 25 agorot 1973Denomination "25"



coin Ceylon 50 cents 1963Denomination "50"




coin Kazakhstan100 tenge 2002Denomination "100"




coin Tunisia 200 millim 2013Denomination "200"



coin South Korea 500 won 2006Denomination "500"