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Slavonia coins catalog with values


The territory of Slavonia came under the rule of the Hungarian kings in 1091, and it was ruled on their behalf, first by the Bans and then by the Dukes.

In 1240, Slavonia became a kingdom and had its own parliament, money, and since 1496 a coat of arms.
The territory of the kingdom of Slavonia almost completely coincided with the size of the Diocese of Zagreb.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, most of Slavonia was occupied by the Turks, and the remaining part was ruled by the House of Military Court.
By the Karlovica Peace Treaty of 1699, the Ottoman Empire returned the Slavonian lands and this part was transformed into a separate Habsburg land.

In 1745, a civil administration was introduced. The Kingdom of Slavonia, as one of the lands of the Crown of St. Stephen, was administratively part of both the Kingdom of Croatia and the Kingdom of Hungary.

After 1868 (Pact of Nagodba), Slavonia was united with Croatia into a single Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia, which, although under the suzerainty of the Crown of St. Stephen, retained a significant level of self-government.


Kingdom of Slavonia

Grosch=12 denar; Denar=2 obol

Bela IV king of Hungary (1235-1270)

coin Slavonia denar no date (1235-1270)
denar no date

Value - 60-80 USD



Laslo I king of Hungary (1272-1290)

coin Slavonia denar no date (1272-1290)
denar no date

Value - 60-80 USD


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