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County of Reckheim (1623-1803)

The imperial county of Rekheim, with its capital in the town of Rekem, was located in what is now the Belgian province of Limburg near the Maas River. Nowadays Rekem is a small village, but during the period of the county's existence it had the status of a city. The territory of the county itself was always very small and, in fact, it consisted of Rekem itself and a few nearby villages.

In 1356, Rekem was granted the status of a barony by the Emperor. The lords were the influential Aspremont-Linden family. Herman van Aspremont-Linden built a castle in Rekem in 1357. In 1623 Emperor Ferdinand II granted the property the status of a county with the right to mint coins. The Rekheim lords used this right for illegal enrichment. At their mint they minted coins imitating the money of neighboring provinces, but with less weight and strongly underestimated silver proof, that is, in general, engaged in counterfeiting.

The county remained independent until the Napoleonic conquests, when it became part of the Netherlands and then passed to Belgium.



Ducaton=3 guldens; Gulden=20 stuvers; Stuver=8 duits

Ernest van Aspremont-Lynden (1603-1636)

coin Reckheim (Rekem) 1 stuver no date (1603-1636)
1 stuver no date

Value - 30-40 USD




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