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The County of Vaduz (the current capital of Liechtenstein) was created in 1507.

The Austrian family of Liechtenstein has been known since the 12th century, but for a long time they did not own lands subordinated directly to the emperor, which did not allow them to take a place in the Reichstag.
In 1699, Hans-Adam Liechtenstein acquired the small estate of Schellenberg on the border with Switzerland from the impoverished counts of Waldburg-Zeil-Hohen, and in 1712, in the same place, the county of Vaduz. In 1719, the emperor declared these territories the Principality of Liechtenstein.

In 1866, the German Confederation collapsed and the principality became completely independent.

After the First World War, Liechtenstein reoriented itself to Switzerland, which began to represent Liechtenstein’s interests abroad.
In 1924, Liechtenstein and Switzerland entered into a customs union and the Swiss franc became the currency of Liechtenstein. The coins that have since been minted in the name of Liechtenstein have no legal tender value and are souvenir items.

In 1938, the princely family, which had previously lived in Vienna, Monaco or its other Austrian possessions, moved to Liechtenstein.


Principality of Liechtenstein

Reform 1904
Krone=100 heller (1904-1923)

John (Johann) II (1858-1929)

coin Liechtenstein 1 krone 1910
1 krone 1910

1 KR 1910
Value - 40-50 USD



Customs union with Switzerland 1924
Swiss Frank=100 rappen

Hans-Adam II (since 1989)

coin Liechtenstein 10 franken 1990
10 franken 1990

Succession of Hans-Adam II
Value - 60-70 USD






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