Gorizia and Gradisca coins catalog with values

County of Gorizia and Gradisca (1754-1805)

Gorizia (Görz) is a county known since the 12th century, named after the two largest towns, Goriska and Gradisca d'Isonzo.
In 1500, after the death of the last count, the territory passed into the possession of the Holy Roman Emperor and was ruled by the Stadthalter.
In 1509 it was included in Inner Austria.
In 1647 the town of Goriška was granted the status of a county as the hereditary property of Prince von Eggenberg.
After the death of his last descendant in 1754, the town was reunited with Gorizia in the county of Gorizia and Gradiška.
In 1805, part of the county (including Gradisca d'Isonzo) was conquered by France and in 1807 incorporated into the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy.
In 1813 the county was reunited under Austrian rule.
In 1816 the county became part of the newly formed Kingdom of Illyria.



Lira=20 soldi

Joseph II Emperor (1780-1790)

coin Gorizia 1 soldo 1783
1 soldo 1783

1 SOLDO 1783
Value - 5-7 USD



Francis (Franz) II Emperor (1792-1806)

coin Gorizia 2 soldi 1799
2 soldi 1799

2 SOLDI 1799
Value - 5-7 USD






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