Dorpat (Derpt) coins online catalog with values

Bishopric of Dorpat (1224–1558)

In 1211, Bishop Albert of Riga established the Diocese of Leala.
In 1224 the Crusader knights captured the Slavic town of Jurjev and renamed it Dorpat (Derpt). The Bishop of Leala chose it as his seat, thus establishing the Bishopric of Dorpat. In 1225 the king of Germany confirmed him as the secular prince of Dorpat.

The Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible's (1547-1584) demand to the bishopric of Dorpat to pay a huge tribute was the reason for the Livonian war, as a result of which, in 1558, Dorpat was taken by the Russian army and the bishopric was liquidated.



Schilling=2 artig (ortug, pfennig)

Johannes V Blankenfeld (1518-1527)

coin Dorpat 1 artig no date (1518-1527)
1 artig no date

MONETA IOHAN / crossed key and sword
Value - 30-40 USD



Johannes VI Bey (1528-1543)

coin Dorpat 1 schilling no date (1528-1543)
1 schilling no date

IOHAN TA DOMI / shield with three S
MON NOVA TARPT / crossed key and sword
Value - 20-30 USD







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