Sweden coins catalog and price guide


Kingdom of Sweden

Johann III (1568-1592)Johann III (1568-1592)



Sigismund III (1592-1599)Sigismund III (1592-1599)



Gustaf II Adolf (1611-1632)Gustaf II Adolf (1611-1632)



Cristina (1632-1654)Cristina (1632-1654)



Carl XI (1660-1697)Carl XI (1660-1697)



Carl XII (1697-1718)Carl XII (1697-1718)



Ulrika Eleonora (1719-1720) and Fredrick I (1720-1751)Ulrika Eleonora (1719-1720) and Fredrick I (1720-1751)



Adolf Friedrich (1751-1771)Adolf Friedrich (1751-1771)



Gustaf III (1771-1792)Gustaf III (1771-1792)



Gustaf IV Adolf (1792-1809)Gustaf IV Adolf (1792-1809)



Carl XIII (1809-1818)Carl XIII (1809-1818)



Carl XIV Johann (1818-1844)Carl XIV Johann (1818-1844)



Oscar I (1844-1859)Oscar I (1844-1859)



Carl XV Adolf (1859-1872)Carl XV Adolf (1859-1872)



Oscar II (1872-1907)Oscar II (1872-1907)



Gustaf V (1907-1950)Gustaf V (1907-1950)



Gustaf VI Adolf (1950-1973)Gustaf VI Adolf (1950-1973)



Carl XVI Gustaf (since 1973)Carl XVI Gustaf (since 1973)