Coins with face value "100" - identifier


This page can be used to determine the issuing country of an unknown "100" coin whose inscription you cannot read.
Simply compare your coin to the images available here.
Only coins from the 20th century are shown here, and only those with the denomination written in regular Arabic numerals (or rather, what we used to call Arabic numerals).
Pictures are clickable - by link you can go to the section of the catalog with coins of this country and see detailed information about the coin you are interested in.
If your coin does not have such numbers on it, try to identify it using the "Coin Identification" section.



coin 100 dinar Algeria 2015coin 100 dinar Algeria 2018
100 dinar



coin Armenia 100 dram 2003coin Armenia 100 dram 1997

100 dram



coin Cambodia 100 riel 1994
100 riel



coin Greece 100 drachma 1990
100 drachma



japanese silver coin 100 yen 1959japanese coin 100 yen 1989
100 yen



coin Kazakhstan100 tenge 2002
100 tenge



coin North Korea 100 won 2005
North Korea
100 von



coin South Korea 100 won 1979coin South Korea 100 won 2002
South Korea
100 von



coin Libya 100 dirhams 2009
100 dirham


coin Russian Federation 100 roubles 1992coin Russian Federation 100 roubles 1993
Russian Federation
100 roubles



coin Saudi Arabia 100 halala 1976coin Saudi Arabia 100 halala 1999
Saudi Arabia
100 halala



coin Tunisia 100 millim 2005

100 millim