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Tonk coins catalog with values

Principality of Tonk

In 1806, Tonk and the surrounding regions were captured by the Holkar dynasty from the state of Jaipur and handed over to Muhammad Amir Khan. In 1817, the British recognized Amir Khan as ruler with the title of nawab of Tonk on condition that he disband his army and recognize the British protectorate. Thoth agreed on the condition that the British pay a ransom of men and artillery.
Tonk was the only Muslim principality of Rajasthan.

The principality had no unified territory and constituted six enclaves in Rajputana and the Central Indian Agency. In 1901, the state had a total area of 2,553 square miles and a population of 273,201.

Tonk joined the Dominion of India on April 7, 1949.



Tonk Rupee=16 anna; Anna=4 paisa; Paisa=3 pai

Muhammad Saadat Ali-Khan (1930-1949)

coin Tonk 1 paisa 1932
1 paisa 1932
Value - 5-10 USD







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