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Principality of Ratlam

Maharaja Ratan Singh founded the principality of Dharad (the predecessor of Ratlam) in 1652, when he received these territories from Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for military honors.
Ratan Singh was killed in a war with Shah Jahan's son Aurangzeb at Dharmatpur. Ratan Singh's sons ruled in different areas of the Malwa region. The Rajas of the principalities of Ratlam, Sailana and Sitamau were descendants of Ratan Singh.

Ratlam was initially attacked by the principality of Gwalior, but it became a British protectorate on January 5, 1819. An agreement was made whereby Sindhia undertook never to send any troops to the principality of Ratlam and not to interfere in the internal politics of the principality in return for an annual tribute of Rs. 42,700. In 1861, the tribute was sent to the British government partly as payment for the Gwalior contingent.

In 1901, the principality had a population of 83,773 and the town of Ratlam had a population of 36,321. The town was a junction on the Rajputana-Malwa railroad and an important trading center, especially in the opium trade.

The last ruler of the principality, Lokendra Singh, signed the act of accession to the Indian Union on June 15, 1948.



Ratlam Rupee=16 anna; Anna=4 paisa; Paisa=3 pai

Ranjit Singh (1863-1893)

coin Ratlam 1 paisa 1890
1 paisa 1890

Value - 5-8 USD