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Principality of Nawanagar

Nawanagar was founded in 1540 by Jam Rawalji, a descendant of the ruling Jadeja dynasty of Kach. Nawanagar was almost continuously at war with its neighbors and the Mughal Empire. One of the biggest military clashes involving the principality's army was the Battle of Bhukhar Mori in July 1591, when Nawanagar, along with Kach and some other principalities, marched against the Mughals. The allied army suffered a crushing defeat.

The Walker Agreement of 1807 brought peace to the Kathiyawar states. Nawanagar became a British protectorate on February 22, 1812.

Maharaja of Nawanagar Ranjitsinhji, Chancellor of the House of Princes from 1931-1933, was one of the greatest cricketers in the world. After his death, the Ranji Cup, a cricket championship in India, was instituted. It was held between teams from various cities and principalities from 1934 onwards.

Nawanagar was one of the first principalities whose leadership signed the Treaty of Accession in 1948 after India's independence. Thereafter, its former ruler, Digvijaysinhji, became the first Rajpramukh of Kathiyawar and later represented India at the UN.



Nawanagar Kori=16 dinglo; Dinglo=4 dokdo; Dokdo=2 trambiyo

coin Nawanagar 1 dokdo 1570
1 dokdo
1570 (minted 1570-1850)
Value - 10-15 USD






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