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Jaora coins catalog with values


Sultanate of Jaora

The principality of Jaora was founded by Abdul Ghafoor Muhammad Khan (1775-1825). He was a cavalry officer who served the Pashtun chief Muhammad Amir Khan, the nawab of Tonk. Later he served Maharaja Holkar of the Principality of Indore.

In 1818, the Principality of Jaora came under the British protectorate by the Treaty of Mandsaur. The British East India Company recognized the rights of the nawab to hold Jaora, Sanjit, Tal, Malhargarh, Bharauda and the right to collect tribute from the Piploda. The Nawab was expected to serve the British by providing 500 horsemen, 500 infantry and 4 pieces of artillery when required.

Nawab Muhammad Ismail (ruled 1865-1895) was an honorary major in the British army. During the reign of Nawab Muhammad Iftekhar Ali Khan (ruled 1895-1947), Piploda became a separate state in 1924 and Pant Piploda became a province of British India in 1942. Nawab Muhammad Usman Ali Khan (ruled 1947-1948) joined the Indian Union on June 15, 1948.



Jaora Rupee=16 anna; Anna=4 paisa; Paisa=3 pai

Muhammad Ismail (1865-1895)

coin Jaora 1 paisa 1894
1 paisa 1894

Value - 4-6 USD






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