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Principality of Baroda

The state of Baroda was founded in 1721 when the Marathas reclaimed this territory from the Mughals. Baroda became a kingdom within the Maratha Confederation with Vadodara as its capital. In fact, the state was also called Vadodara, and Baroda was its distorted name used by British travelers. The territory of the kingdom was scattered areas in the modern state of Gujarat.

The Second Anglo-Maratha War of 1803-1805 brought most of Gujarat under the British East India Company. But the Baroda rulers entered into a "subsidiary alliance" with the Anglicans, recognizing British suzerainty but preserving the kingdom's internal autonomy.

In 1857, after the liquidation of the East India Company, Baroda came under the direct rule of the British crown.

From 1947 as part of the Union of India and from 1949, from 1950 as part of the Republic of India.



Indian Princely States Rupee=16 anna; Anna=4 paisa

Sayaji Rao III (1875-1938)

coin Indian Princely States 2 annas 1894
2 anna 1894

आणे दोन
श्री सयाजीराव.म.गायकवाड
Value - 15-20 USD



coin Indian Princely States 2 paisa 1889
2 paisa 1889

दोन पैसे संवत
श्री· सयाजीराव .म. गायकवाड सरकार सेना खास खेल शमशेर बहादुर / Sword
Value - 5-10 USD



coin Indian Princely States 1 paisa 1887
1 paisa 1887

एक पै सवत
बडोदे श्री · गा य क वा ड सरकार / Sword
Value - 3-4 USD






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