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Byzantium coins catalog


How to determine the coin
How much coin worth


Dating of coins
Japanese coins - how to read. Dating of Japanese coins
Arabic coins identifier. How to read dates on Arabic coins


Coin catalogs for download


Old Coins Catalog (before XX century)
German notgelds catalog
French notgelds catalog


Tokens catalog


25 roubles 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia commemorative coins


Canadian commemorative coin set 1992
Canadian penny


Austro-Hungarian coins


Beatrix Potter 50 pence commemorative coins
Lady Diana commemorative coins
New pence coins
Sixpence coin


Indian 10 rupees coins
Indian 25 Paisa coins
Indian 5 Paisa coins


Japanese coin with hole in middle
Mandela coins
United Nations commemorative coins


WW2 German coins
WW2 Japanese coins


US Cents
US Half Cents


Lists of good swappers
Lists of bad swappers

Aquitaine history
Aragon Kings history
Castile and Leon Kings history
Provence and Toulouse history

Charles I of Anjou



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