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Herennia Etruscilla coins Roman Imperial catalog

Empress Herennia Etruscilla (?-253), wife of Trajanus Decius

Gerenia came from a noble Italian family of Etruria. Her marriage to Decius Trajan took place before 230.
In 234 Decius was governor of Lower Moesia, in 238 governor of Tarraconian Spain. Philip the Arab appointed him prefect of Rome. In 249, after several victorious campaigns, the soldiers proclaimed Decius emperor. He assured that it was served against his will and he did not try to seize power. The emperor did not believe this, and in the ensuing battle Philip was killed.

Herenia received the title of Augusta, her sons became Caesars and then Augustans.
In 251 in the battle with the Goths killed her eldest son Erenius, and then Decius himself, who became the first Roman emperor fell on the battlefield. Soon, in the epidemic, died and younger son Hostilian. What happened to Herenius next is unknown.



coin Roman Empire Herennia Etruscilla antoninianus

Antoninianus 250-251
22 mm.
Draped bust in diademe right / Herennia Etruscilla Augusta
Juno with a peacock at feet, holds the cup and scepter / Juno's ruling
Value - $60-80








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