Draped Bust Half Cent (half penny)

United States of America coinage

US Dollar ($)=100 cents
1/2 cent = 0.005 $US


old US coin half cent 1804
Draped Bust Half Cent
Minted: 1800-1808

Designer: Robert Scot

Metal: copper
Diameter: 23.5 mm.
Weight: 5.44 g.
Edge: plain

Reverse: value within wreath
Reverse legend: HALF CENT / 1/200 / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Obverse: head facing right
Obverse legend: LIBERTY / date

The wreath on the reverse was redesigned slightly in 1802, resulting in “reverse of 1800” and “reverse of 1802” varieties. The “stems” varieties have stems extending from the wreath
above and on both sides of the fraction on the reverse. On the 1804 “crosslet 4” variety, a serif appears at the far right of the crossbar on the 4 in the date. The “spiked chin” variety appears to have a spike extending from Liberty's chin, the result of a damaged die. Varieties of the 1805 strikes are distinguished by the size of the 5 in the date. Varieties of the 1806 strikes are distinguished by the size of the 6 in the date.


1800 202,908
1802 20,266
1803 92,000
1804 1,055,312
1805 814,464
1806 356,000
1807 476,000
1808 400,000


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