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United States Mint

Founded for producing coins and coin-related products (proof, uncirculated, commemorative coins, congressional medals, silver and gold bullion coins). Coinage Act April 2, 1792 establishing the first national mint of the United States.
The Act specified the following coinage denominations:

The site of first US Mint was in Philadelphia. Now, the Mint maintains production facilities in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Denver, and West Point, and a bullion depository in Fort Knox.


Brief catalog

brief catalog

All circulated coins from $1 to 1 cent

brief catalog

Gold coins



Circulation coinage by the face value



half dollar

Half Dollar




20 and 10 cents

5 cent

5 cents

3 cents

3 and 2 cents

1 cent

One cent

half cent

Half cent


Commemorative coins

Bicentennial Commemorative

Bicentennial Commemorative coins

Silver commemorative Dollar

Silver commemorative Dollar

Presidential Dollar

Presidential Dollar (2007-)

Native American Dollar

Native American Dollar (2009-)

American Innovation Dollar

American Innovation Dollar (2018-)

commemorative half dollar 1892-1925

Commemorative Half Dollar 1892-1925

commemorative half dollar 1926-1938

Commemorative Half Dollar 1926-1954

50 States Quarter

50 States Quarter (1999-2008)

D.C. and Territories Quarter

US D.C. and Territories Quarter (2009)

Beautiful America Quarter

America the Beautiful Quarter (2010-)

commemorative 5 cent

Commemorative 5 cents

commemorative cent

Commemorative 1 cent