Chinese Republican 50 cents pattern coin


According to the "Regulations of National Coinage" in 1937, The National Government of China decide to set up The Kweilin Branch of the Central Mint in Kwangsi Province, the Republic financial authorities moved the coinage machines from Shanghai and started to mint the subsidiary coins in 1938. Later, the construction of the Kweilin Mint outside the City of Kweilin at Southern Gate commenced in 1938 and was completed in August, 1939. The Kweilin Mint struck Republican coins comprising the copper coins and nickel coins as well as the copper-nickel coins. The 50-cents piece with additional Chinese character "Kwei" on the reverse, is very rare nowadays, though Mr. Shih Chia-Kan, (author of "Modern Coins of China" published in Shanghai in 1949) believed that this type of coin is the regular issue. I think coin of the same type appears to have been struck as a trial piece not for general circulation. I post below is a Pattern coin of this type which became most extremely rare, only a few pieces known up to date.

Marks of Rareness of the Collected Currencies - Extremely Rare "A", Very Rare "B", Rare "C", Not So Many "D", Common "E".



Mint Evolution and Peculiarity

Chinese Republican 50 cents patternChinese Republican 50 cents pattern
Diameter 27 mm
Weight 8.6 g
Rareness - "A"

One the obverse of this coin is Dr. Sun's profile. Above: 31rd year of The Republic of China (1942) in Chinese, surrounded by cloud and thunder pattern.
On the reverse of this coin is the ancient P'U design at center.
At the both sides are Chinese characters "Pan-Yuan" (half a dollar), under the P'U is a Chinese character "Kwei", which means this coin was minted in Kweilin Mint of Kwangsi Province.
I personally think that the die of this coin was made in San Francisco Mint. This pattern coin should be most extremely rare. This coin struck in white metal alloy.


Chinese Republican 50 cents patternChinese Republican 50 cents pattern

Diameter 27 mm
Weight 8.8 g
Rareness - "E"

This common copper-nickel coin was minted in Kweilin in 1942. The design is the same as the above coin except under the P'U without the Chinese character "Kwei". This coin is a regular issue. 


The Mintage of the Subsidiary Coins by Kweilin Mint in 1942

Denomination Mintage (pieces)
50-cents (copper-nickel)   24,254,000
20-cents (nickel)  29,410,830
20-cents (copper-nickel)  13,250,000
10-cents (nickel)   43,946,296
10-cents (copper-nickel)  119,580,000
5-cents (nickel)  8,887,807
5-cents (copper-nickel) 27,360,000
2-cents (copper-nickel)  40,150,000
1-cent (copper)  11,740,000
1-cent (copper-nickel)  51,450,000



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