List of bad swappers

Seller on e-buy gitbudnaumann (Germany) - I didn't received purchased coins and seller not returned money. Be aware!

Seller on e-buy lacroix-amiens (France) - I didn't received purchased coins and seller not returned money. Be aware!

Seller on e-buy 2006cioca (Hungary). Not all coins received.

Thief. After receiving my coins, removed e-mail.

Irfan Raja (England) -, 67 Stamford st., Bradford, BD4 8SD.
He should send me two letters with coins, but I didn't received any. My e-mail does not answer.

Johanna er (valuea Rica) -, PO Box 2954-1000, San Jose. 
I didn't received promised coins, she promised to make inquiry in post office, and has then ceased to answer my letters.

Paraschiv Marius (Romania) -, B-Dul C-Tin Brancoveanu nr.18 AP.99, sector 4, Bucuresti.
 I didn't received promised coins. My e-mail does not answer.

Riji Avi (Israel) -,, Hachashmonaem 35/5, Kirit-Motzkin 26337.
We can swap two times, but last time I didn't received anything from him and not received answers to the inquiries.

Chen Bo (China) -, Yan Chang road. No: 149. P.O.Box:96, Shanghai, 200072
I didn't received promised coins. My e-mail does not answer.

Sol Grey Tavares eiro (Brazil) -, Rua Tiradentes, 12 arto 207, Imbetiba-Macae-Rio de Janeiro, Sep:27915-060.
This is collector of telephone cards. He promised send me Brazil circulation coins for exchange of telephone cards, but I didn't received nothing. My e-mail does not answer.

Motorcea Sandor (Romania) -,  Avram Iancu 13/5, 332025 Petrosani, Hunedoara
 I sent two letter with banknotes and didn't received promised coins.

Gonzalo te Riquelme (Chile) - , Pasaje El Vergel N15, Villa Nonguen, Concepcion.
I didn't received promised coins.

Xiao wu Chu (China) -,  Room 406, No. 71 building, Donggang new residential quarter, Suzhou city, 215021.
I sent many coins for him. Sometimes he answered me on e-mail, promise send coins, but  I didn't received something.

Gonzalo Paredes (Spain), Avda. / Fuente de la Salud nº 19, 14.006 - Córdoba.
We agreed about swap for old Spanish coins in F-VF quality, but I receive very worse coins. I think, this is not mistake, but special defrauding, since quality of modern coins he estimated  approximately correct. Difference of value of promised and received coins are about 70 euro.  

Carlos Mauricio Carranza Gomez (El Salvador) -,  Lomas de San Francisco Calle 5 Pol I 13 B San Salvador.

I didn't received promised coins.

Krishnakumar Menon (India) -,  AmrithaBhavan,Vylezhatah house, Po Kara,Kodungallur, Thrissur (Dst), Pin:680671, KERALA STATE, India.

We swapped some times without serious problems. But last time I sent Belorussian coins for $114. He inform me about non receipt of coins. I made inquiry at post office and have received the receipt of Indian post with the signature of Krishnakumar, certifying reception of the letter. After that he declared, that has already sent me coins, but I nothing received before now.

Bezazel Ferhat Ben Rabah (Algeria) -,  communal stadium street ain kechera 21250 w.skikda algeria
. I didn't received promised coins.

Dong Linh, 101 Duong so 6, KP5, To 94, Binh Hung Hoa B Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
. I didn't received promised coins.

Harutunyan Norayr -, 375000 Shushi, Khazanchetcotc 57/5, Republic of Armenia
. We swapped one time without problems. But I received letter from Singapore, where collector wrote: "I had one coin swapping offer with harutunyan norayr of armania, I had send him coin packets worth $60 but after that he is not replying my mail. I was more amazed today, because he send me your double list." I wrote to Norayr, but he is didn't replying.